“If you aren’t on Tiktok then where the hell are you attttt?” It goes without saying that Tiktok has taken over the digital space not only for Gen Z, but with the Millennial generation as well. 
Sign up today and let the algorithm work its magic... trust us, it’s addictive. Whether it’s a 5 or 15 second video, these next few creators we’re about to introduce to you are some (uncut) gems. 
First and foremost @tedsthetics - If you’re in need of a good laugh or roasting session head over to Teddy’s account and listen to 1-2 spiels, you’ll be sharing these with your mates instantly.
His videos poke fun of everything from your go to coffee order, gym goers, and one of our personal favourite segments; making fun of influencer culture ie; “Social media stories I don’t have time for” and “Influencers be like”   
@joshymoss coming through with all the relationship memes that are top tier, hilariousssss and way too good not to share. We’ve all been there “When you win an argument with your partner” or “Trying to find a spot for dinner” Yes, you should run.
If you haven’t guessed by now, we spend a lengthy amount of time on TikTok and to ease your curiosity on what most high ballers do for a living - we’re recommending you suss out @fonzigomez. Taking place in the suburban streets of Sydney and New York - Fonzie asks everything from careers, NFT’s, and luxurious cars.
For all the major the festival goers / bush doof lovers you’re going to froth over @dahngelo. A mix of videos relating to all our favourite house / techno music, Melbourne’s very own Rev’s bar and all things that go on at a bush doof. Additionally Dahn will be performing in Melbourne’s High Street Prahran this coming May 2022 so if you love these videos as much as. us, buy your comedy tickets to the event here.
And finally @zacperna showing us how it’s done in the gym with some relatable gym memes or Squid games re-enactments... trust us, it's very, very good.
But don’t listen to us or the fact we’ve managed to binge watch through all his vids in under 3 hours we’re just here for a laugh and he’s one of our top faves. 
If you liked these creators, see more of who we’re following today via our TikTok page. 
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