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Founded in 2003, Therapy Shoes brings the fun back to footwear. From poolside platforms to equestrian-inspired boots, their impressive collection allows you to explore your style through shoes. Even better? At accessible price points, every shopping sesh feels like therapy for your wallet and your feet (of course!).

The mission is to bring a shopping experience that checks all the boxes: fashion-forward designs, superior quality, and accessible price points. Therapy's vision is to create a planet-positive future for footwear. Having already begun their journey to sustainability with Forest Standard Council-certified packaging. All of the shoeboxes and stuffing paper are made from recycled and recyclable materials, which are responsibly harvested from certified sustainable forests. Yep, that means they don’t do wasteful packaging!



Established in 2021 - we give you Just Because.
Just Because you need it. Just Because you love it. Just Because they’re affordable and 100% stylish.
Their expansive selection of footwear is comfortable yet stylish and practical for every day. Transform your wardrobe with a fresh and elevated look with our classic footwear staples.
 With the sleek finishes and luxurious quality, you'll come back time and time again.