Don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it - “FK it’s cold outside” and yes here in Melbourne we certainly can relate. Here’s the Casual Winter Edit you didn’t ask for, but certainly needed. Easily recreate one of our looks today with the help of the Uncut Style section. Highlighting all things, winter boots, casual sneakers and versatile loafers much loved by the Uncut man - yes, we’re here to help.


Kicking things off with the footy season; here’s a tip - properly rug up. These things can go on all day long and with a couple of bevies in your system, you’ll wanna make sure you’ve got all the right necessities on you. Beanie, check. Gloves, check. Layers, check. A big coat, check. A few of our favourites you ask? We’ve linked some of our top few winter essentials below; The North Face Etip Recycled Gloves, the Heat Tech Ultra Warm Crew Neck T-Shirt to wear underneath all your winter layers and the Oxford Atticus Double Breast Woolrich Coat. The perfect men's winter coat that can easily be mixed and matched all throughout the winter season. These are just some of the basics we recommend spending your pay-checks on for the ultimate winter wear (you really won’t regret it) Lastly you’ll need the perfect winter shoes to rock with your outfits. Our bets are on Brazen Brown and Vail Tan. With Brazen’s premium leather and casual make; these boots can be worn with almost any fit; simply pair with some chinos of your choice and a shirt for the perfect weekend casual wear. Alternatively, you could also go with Vail - a men's casual boot, featuring lace-ups and zippers on either side and a padded collar. This shoe scream cool, casual and clean cut. Discover more of the boots range today.

Looking to splurge a little more for some much-needed winter retail therapy? We’ve listed below, a mixed combination of accessories and extra clothing pieces from brands high on the Uncut radar to add to your Wishlist this winter season: